The voice of all Southland employees is needed

To support in shaping the future of Southland, all employees are being called to participate in a region-wide work survey to ensure their voices are heard.

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of employee voice and engagement in the workplace.

While unions have traditionally played a key role in representing workers’ interests and giving them a voice, there is a need to go beyond just union representation to ensure all employees have a say in their workplace.

That’s where the Southland wide Decent Work Survey comes in. The Decent Work Survey is part of the wider picture to shape Southland.

The anonymous survey is a collaborative project and is a comprehensive effort to understand the perspectives of workers in the region.

It aims to gather data on a range of topics related to employee voice, satisfaction, and challenges.

One of the key goals of the Decent Work Survey is to understand the employee experience to enable future planning for Southland, including what is needed in the future, what engages staff and encourages positive workplace culture, wellbeing, health and safety and overall employee satisfaction.

The Decent Work Survey is ambitious, as it’s the first time an extensive region-wide employee survey has been conducted. 

E tū Public and Commercial Services Industry Council Convenor Karena Kelland said the survey was workers’ chance to speak up about their work lives and to make positive change for their industries.

“The Decent Work Survey is the first time workers’ voices have been included in regional planning, which is a huge step forward.

“It means they’ll have the opportunity to have a say and their comments can help shape the workplaces of today and of the future,” she said.

While job satisfaction is often seen as a subjective issue, it can have a significant impact on employee productivity, retention, and overall wellbeing.

By gathering data on what makes employees happy and engaged in their work, the Decent Work Survey can help employers to identify areas where they can improve and create a more fulfilling workplace for their staff.

The survey will gather data on many issues, including workplace culture, salary satisfaction, communication, and opportunities for professional development.

“It’s really important the principles of Decent Work become part of all workplaces, which will benefit both workers, businesses, and the community,” Kelland said.

By taking a holistic approach to understanding the needs and perspectives of workers, the survey will provide valuable insights for both employers and employees, and help Southland future-proof its workforce.

The Decent Work Survey represents an important region-wide effort to give employees a voice and create a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

The survey has the potential to create positive change in workplaces across the region.

With the insights gained from the survey, employers can make informed decisions that support their employees and contribute to a more productive and positive workplace culture. Participants can head to to submit feedback.