Beyond 2025 Southland Plan Progressing Well

Beyond 2025 Southland: he ara whakamua, he ara hou a Murihiku Moving forward, new pathways for Murihiku is the name given to the long-term planning workstream, which is being facilitated by Great South, Southland’s Regional Development Agency.

The Project lead is Bobbi Brown and Project advisor is Nic Wills, who have both been seconded from their Great South roles for 18 months.

The approach is based around five themes:

  • Environment and climate change
  • Diversification of the economy
  • Strengthening of local business
  • Resources and infrastructure
  • Population and people

Within those themes, 16 workstreams have been identified that also align with other Southland Just Transition workstreams.

Each workstream has a clear overall objective and key outcomes which will be achieved with individually tailored approaches.  This may include in many cases, the establishment of a working group; alignment with existing organisations already working in an area and undertaking key research, data and insights. 

The Beyond 2025 Southland approach builds on the Southland Regional Development Strategy 2015 – 2025 (SoRDs).

The main goal of SoRDs was to increase the Southland population by 10,000 by 2025.  This has almost been achieved and almost three quarters of the actions are either complete or underway, including the Invercargill CBD rejuvenation, Milford Opportunities and ILT’s Langlands Hotel.

The planning and set up of the Beyond 2025 approach is well underway to ensure the plan is completed and launched in June 2023.

The process will require a multi-stakeholder partnership with local councils, mana whenua, the business sector, local communities, other key stakeholders and central government.  It is acknowledged that there is already a lot of excellent planning and thinking going on.  Beyond 2025 Southland looks to consolidate thinking, ensure alignment and a regional picture.

Mrs Brown said the timing was right for this project.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, clarity around the priorities, challenges and opportunities for the region and how we achieve and address them is key.”

Mrs Brown also acknowledged that it is difficult to look too far ahead at the moment, but it is necessary that we do.

“What we do today, will have an impact on tomorrow”

Bobbi Brown – Project Lead

Nic Wills – Project Advisor